When Is a Real Estate Agent a REALTOR®?

When Is a Real Estate Agent a REALTOR?

A REALTOR becomes a REALTOR when that person converts from the National Association of REALTORS, The Voice for Real Estate (the world’s largest association of professionals) to private. The word “REALTOR” is a registered mark of participation from the National Association of REALTORS to identify real estate agents who adhere to and adhere to its strict code of ethics.

When Is a Real Estate Agent a REALTOR?

Founded in 1908, NAR has grown from its unique core of 120 to 1.4 million today. NAR is composed of REALTORS who act as intermediaries involved in personal and commercial real estate, including sales representatives, property managers, appraisers, attorneys, and those who practice all areas of the real estate business.

Individuals have at least one area in each of REALTORS 1,400 Neighborhood Relationships/Forms and 54 State and Territory Relationships and can be affiliated with one of our many agencies, social orders, and chambers of commerce. Additionally, NAR provides individuals with dynamic potential in our research and global land energy fields. REALTORS are committed to adhering to strict standards of ethics and practice.

The National Association of Realtors serves America’s realtors, providing offices to facilitate efficient event transfers, inspections, and knowledge transfers between individuals.

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NAR’s advocacy efforts run through television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet to help buyers understand the real benefits of working with REALTORS. From their conscientious adherence to a code of ethics to their exceptional knowledge of the land process, REALTORS specialize in personal and commercial real estate transactions.