Primary Account Number PAN

What Is a Primary Account Number (PAN Meaning)

The primary account implies the account from which buy exchanges, charges, and expenses identified with the check card is charged; if there should be a happening of various performance connected to the check card, it alludes to the account that has been assigned similar to the fundamental/first account of the activity.

What Is a Primary Account Number?

A primary account number is a 19-digit number generated as an immediate account. This account number is decorated or laser-printed and found on the cardboard.

Understanding Primary Account Numbers

Primary account numbers are interesting identifiers for various installment cards like credit and check cards, giving data about the cardholder, like the name, balance, and credit limit. Skillet may likewise be utilized to tell apart different varieties of cards that store worth sort of a gift or per-loaded card.

Since they could be the most number associated with a particular account credit card—primary account numbers are also called account numbers are additionally called account numbers. In numerous cases, they will not recognize the specific account data about the related account. For instance, a revolving credit number doesn’t reflect or acknowledge the record quantities of any connected checking, investment, or different account.

The primary account number is often produced when an account is opened. Consequently, it’s typically the most account in a very series that a client may open at a monetary organization. the first account number is generally the amount associated with a trade line on a unique credit report. The container can uphold account keeping and goals if issues must emerge with the record.


  • A primary account number could be a 16-digit number generated as a motivating identifier for a primary account.
  • Primary account numbers are given to installment cards, for instance, acknowledge and check cards, even as different cards that store esteem sort of a gift voucher.
  • Despite the very fact that they could be utilized as an identifier, PANs don’t generally give precise account data just like the case with check cards.
  • Skillets are often used to assist with account keeping and goals.

Unique Considerations

The absolute first digit of a primary account number is thought to be because of the significant business identifier, which recognizes the sort of MasterCard by giving the organization.

  • American Express cards start with a 3
  • Visa cards start with a 4
  • MasterCard cards start with a 5
  • Find cards start with a 6
  • Certain carrier MasterCard starts with a 1 or 2
  • Petrol organization cards start with a 7
  • Certain media communications and medical services cards start with an 8

The initial six digits recognize the MasterCard network related to the cardboard, for instance, 601100 for Discover cards. The last digit is thought because of the checksum number, which keeps lawbreakers from making deceitful Visa numbers. The numbers within the middle of the initial six digits and the last digit distinguish the client’s account.

Primary Account Number Security

For instance, visa organizations request that dealers avoid potential risks to confirm clients’ primary account numbers. One such rule is termed PAN truncation. Visa says traders seem to be OK with storing total account numbers. Doing this in and of itself presents a security hazard just in case there’s an information break. Within u. s., a government law called the Fair, and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA) precludes vendors from printing quite the last 5 digits of a cardholder’s record number on a receipt. Vendors are likewise prevented from printing the card’s lapse date.

Primary Account Numbers versus Auxiliary Account Numbers

Monetary foundations and banks might charge, and the first account holder may approve Visas to an optional client. On the off chance that an account has an optional account holder, cards may both utilize the first account number. Some foundations, however, have a card-giving arrangement that allows the auxiliary client to own an optional record number.

Business identification accounts work better. Corporate Visas’ first account number must show abreast of any representative’s Master card. For this example, the MasterCard organization gives every representative a card with independent, auxiliary account numbers. This makes it more straightforward for organizations to differentiate and follow charges addicted to every worker’s card use.