How To Keep Bugs Away From Porch Light: 10 Simple Ways!

How To Keep Bugs Away From Porch Light – How To Get Rid of Bugs Around Lights at Night?

In this article, I have shared 8 basic ways that how to keep bugs away from porch light. Again, I’m sure some tips and tricks can help you with this.

Porch lighting is probably the most numerous piece of equipment in your home. It inspires a safe and secure space, while also adding to the restrained charm of your home. However, it also attracts bugs, which can be a distraction.

According to the National Pest Management Association, in 2017 alone, U.S. homeowners spent nearly $6.5 billion on pest control management.

So it means that you are not struggling with this problem at all. However, burning so much money on pest control companies is not the main reason to keep your porch lights bug-free.

Then, you’ll take some basic and effective steps to keep bugs away from your porch light What are they anyway? This is why you want to read the entire article.

Why Are Bugs Attracted to Light around porch lights?

Porch lights attract night bugs, which look for light sources in the dark. The intensity of sunlight makes porch lights an attractive source of heat for these animals.

However, some bugs, like moths, are very interested in sunlight because they screw up sunlight for moonlight. Reception to the right, Moth rides on the moon to explore.

After they see a light source that is essentially as bright as the moon, they screw it up as their regular navigation guide and take an interest in it.

However, this is often a fatal mistake, as the light is too hot for the moth and can damage it.

This is why in some cases these bugs have been found around porch lights. So when they are attracted to the sun, it eventually seems fatal to them.

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10 How To Keep Bugs Away From Porch Light

Bugs are a common nuisance around garden lights. Although there is a strong way to protect against them, choosing the right strategy depends on the type of bug you are dealing with.

1. Install yellow or orange bulbs instead of white or blue bulbs

Vary your lighting according to the types of bugs you want to keep away. For example, blue and white lights attract insects, while yellow and orange lights are less attractive to them.
It results in a field of sunlight frequencies. Blue light and white light create a more limited frequency of sunlight and are more attractive to bugs.

Yellow and orange lights produce more frequent sunlight and are less attractive to them. However, this technique is not foolproof. Assuming the sunlight is bright enough, some bugs will be attracted to it regardless of range.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a holistic approach to reducing the number of bugs around your porch lights, blackout lights are a good place to start. Scrub your lighting fixtures regularly to keep them free of bugs and residue.

2. Use porch lights with bug covers

Bug guards can be a kit or a connection piece that fits into garden lights to keep bugs out. It can also be made of metal, plastic, or other materials and usually includes a cross-section or screen-like surface.

Regardless, try to choose a bug protection specific to the type of sunlight you’re using. If not, it definitely won’t work, or it could be really dangerous.

Because some guards can block light, make sure the guard you choose is rated for the wattage of your porch light bulb.
This will help ensure that your lights are shining to provide a satisfactory brightness.

Plus, it keeps bugs away from your light anyway. However, it must be noted that not all fault protection systems are created equal.

3. Hang some plants around your porch light as a natural insect repellant

Insect repellent is a substance used to prevent pests, such as bugs or rodents, from approaching or touching something.

While they can be used in a variety of formulations such as sprays, gels, and pellets, facilities that emit energy fields are also believed to repel certain types of bugs.
In short, for bugs, if the anti-agent is normal, it means that it is not destructive to humans and other living things. It is important to assume that you only have pets or children in your home.
Because, antagonists are extremely harmful and, if they are inhaled or ingested, can cause serious medical problems.

So you want to plant some plants around your garden light and you will see the benefits.

4. Place screens or nets to keep bugs out

Netting and curtains are rough fabric material that is always used to keep bugs away from porch lights. It’s made with thin crossover threads that allow air and lightness to pass through while keeping bugs at bay.
So, in essence, start by surrounding your yard lights with a screen or grid. This can be an insurmountable obstacle to overcoming bugs.

However, try to choose a fabric that is designed to keep bugs away, otherwise, you will burn it slowly.

Although netting will try to keep out many types of bugs, it is not very attractive to flying insects such as moths. However, assuming the problem is with slithering bugs like underground bugs, this may be the perfect solution.

However, note that screens and grids are often somewhat incomplete. If you’re going for feel, you’ll need to try another trick.

5. Place a fan near the lamp to keep bugs away

Getting rid of bugs can be a powerful but concise statement that keeps them under control. However, this method fills up as long as the fan is on.

But if you’re not worried about keeping the fan on all the time, it’s not bad for a nice evening in the yard.

Enjoy bug-free porch time with just a touch fan near your lights. Or on the other hand, assuming you have a ceiling fan on your porch, turn it on low or medium speed to help keep the bugs away.

In any case, make sure the fan is not pointing directly at you, as it will blow bugs in front of you.
You can try moving it toward a plant or screen to deflect the bugs away from you instead of blowing them up in front of you. So keep the fan on and enjoy your evening.

6. Add some citronella candles to your setting

Citronella oil is a very strong salve, unlike citronella. This is the dominant area of odor known to repel bugs.
For example, adding a pair of citronella candles to your yard lighting system can help repel bugs.

But remember that citronella candles burn. So if you don’t use them, they won’t succeed. Again, be sure to place candles where needed.

For example, place candles at the edge of your yard if you’re trying to repel mosquitoes. This creates a boundary that makes it harder for them to seduce you.

But relax. Citronella candles don’t seem that hard to trace, and they’re also somewhat cheaper. Also, they will be purchased online or at most stores that sell open supplies.

7. Choose LED porch lights

LED light emitting diode. They are a semiconductor light source that emits light when an electric current passes through them.

An advantage of using LED lights is that it does not produce the same peak intensity as other types of lighting.

This makes it harder for bugs to be attracted to sunlight. So instead of using traditional lights, try LED porch lights to keep bugs at bay.

It also gets a great deal on your energy bill. All you need to do is buy an LED garden light and screw it on.
You can find these lights anywhere like home improvement stores or online. Alternatively, you can replace your current yard lights with LED lights. First, take off the old light, then submerge the LED bulb.

Make sure you get the right size to fit the attachment comfortably. Add to your bug-free porch lighting with the introduction of LED lights!

8. Scatter some tulsi leaves around the porch light

Tulsi leaves are a spice that can be used to repel bugs in porch lights. Bedbugs need their main areas of energy to smell that they can’t get rid of.

You can place the leaves in direct sunlight, or in pouches.

Be sure to change the leaves like clockwork though, as they will lose their vigor after a while. Also, it should not be robust against a large number of errors.

So if you’re dealing with a specific reasonable error, like a mosquito, it’s best to try another approach.

Mosquito nets and fans, for example, can help repel mosquitoes by lighting the yard. If you live somewhere with high winds, there are usually mosquitoes.
Alternatively, you can sprinkle some cloves of garlic around the porch lights to repel mosquitoes.

Sometimes, you will also find some geckos near garden lights. The exciting news is that geckos are valuable because they eat bugs. In this case, if you think a light is close to you, you can simply move away from it.

Tips on how to get rid of bugs around lights at night

Bugs and insects are generally attracted to light. Assuming you only have one porch light, chances are you have some bugs to manage around you.

So here are some tips and tricks you can use to keep bugs away from your yard lights and make your outdoor space more comfortable.

Stay away from standing water: If there are any holes or different sources of water near your light, please dispose of them. You try it by doing one or the other in a pond or unloading a compartment that contains water.

Turn off the light when you’re not using it: If you’re not using the light, there’s no good reason to keep it on. By turning it off, you save energy, but you also make your yard less attractive to bugs.

Keep your lighting clean: Another place that attracts bugs can be dirty lighting. If your lights are full of bugs, it will attract more bugs trying to find dinner. So keep your lighting to an extent perfect and rid yourself of any bugs.

Summary of how to keep bugs out of porch lighting

Garden lights are perfect places for bugs to congregate. They are drawn to the sun, and they can undoubtedly fly into openings.

While you may not be able to eliminate a relatively large number of bugs, there are things you can do to make it harder for them to congregate around your porch light.

We’ve listed 8 unique ways to keep bugs out of your porch light – choose the one that works best for you.

Also, be sure to keep some of the tips and tricks we share for extra insurance. Now you can enjoy the moment in your yard without being bothered by a single bug.

FAQs: 10 Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Light Fixtures

Keeping bugs away from yard lights is a bit of a hassle. This is obvious to many, as you have a ton of questions to ask. That is why I have added some of them in this article to explain an appropriate response.

How much does it cost to prevent bugs in porch lighting?

It depends on various factors like lighting, and how long you want to keep it on and that’s just the beginning. All in all, it will cost you about $5 to $10 per month.

 How can I keep bugs away from my lights without using any chemicals?

You can prevent bugs by using common plants as repellants. Many plants, such as lavender, catnip, etc., can help you keep the light out.

Can I use regular light bulbs to keep bugs away from porch lights?

Yes, you can use a regular light, but it is not as powerful as an LED light. Also, it creates more intensity, which can be moody for some.